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Client Testimonials - GREEN CARD USCIS 

After 3 denials I just got my EB1 approval! Thanks for everything guys…
– Los Angeles, 2023

Just heard my EB1 i140 was approved!! Yay!!
On to adjustment of status process. :))
Ms KEVIN  (Ireland) – Los Angeles

My Green Card petition just got approved in less than 13 days Premium Processing!
Thank you SO SO SO SO much for everything. You really played an important role on this whole process. Now I am filing my adjustment of status!
Mr PETER . (Greece) – Chicago

Thank you again, you’ve been so helpful.
Mr BEREINH . (Argentina) – Brooklyn

My I-140 EB1 was finally approved! I filed on July 1st and didn’t receive any RFEs. Thanks for your incredible template that made all this possible.
Mr VANNEM. (Germany) – February

Thank you for this amazing resource you’ve put together. I’m in the very early stages of my acting career, and signing up to your O1 Visa resources is helping me immensely to plan what I’m going to do, and which projects I would like to get involved in.
Ms GLORY . (UK) – July

I filed concurrently and without premium processing from within the States beginning of May. My approval was processed end of June! I just received my approval notice! Thank you again! Can’t wait for when the actual green card comes!
Ms LOUIS . (Germany)

My EB1A application has been approved! I’m ecstatic, thank you so much for your help. I bought your very useful service end of 2020 and my EB1A application was approved in May 2020.
Ms CLARY . (Hungary) – May, 2020

So grateful for your guide and support. It gave us the confidence to do this on our own. I had O1s in the past and they cost me a lot of money through lawyers. Also their work wasn’t great… so doing the green card application ourself saved us a bundle!
. (UK) – March

My case was approved today and I wanted to send my big big thank to both of you. It is so helpful to have your kit package as a guide to prepare and file my O-1B visa application, and I could not have done this on my own without your continuous support!!!! So thankful!!! All I want to say is Thank You!! Thank you again!!
Ms P. (China) – NYC

Dear Friends,
Happy New Year!
Greetings from Greece – I just got my green card without an RFE!

Guys, I got my Green Card approved. After I got an RFE I followed your advice and all the premises in the guide and now I’m an American Resident!! Thank you!!!
Mr B. (Venezuela) – Chicago

I was approved on an EB1 within 5 days and just waiting for Embassy interview so fingers crossed.  Whilst I used an attorney, your site was really helpful for another perspective. Thanks again!
(UK) – New York

Thank you for your help. Your website is so useful! It has helped me a lot getting my O1. (I got my O1 by the end of last year without an attorney and mainly by following your O1-B guide!) And I know it will help me go further. I would like to start working on your EB 1 guide asap.
(France) – New York

Wanted to let you know I literally just got an email saying a card/permit was produced and sent in mail. Wahoo! Thanks for all the massive help!
– Los AngelesI got my Green Card approved in 5 days!!


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